My experience studying at GST has been fantastic.

During the studies, I got to know that it was a University of academic excellence and so no one could study there without working very hard to achieve his or her goals.

I had a very wonderful time with my promoters, they were both very co-operative and accommodating until the unfortunate happened and Dr Jacob Ayeebo had to pass on. Notwithstanding, Prof. Riaan Rheeder gave me all the necessary support and I completed my studies earlier than I thought previously, for any time I sent him my work he would finish going through it within two days and send it back to me with the necessary corrections to be made.

Administratively, it was great as Tienie Buys and Peg Evans guided me as to what to do and at what period of time. I remember on few occasions when my work delayed, I received mails from them asking me what the problem was so that they could help me out of it. Other staff also contributed so much to my studies in various form. In fact, Dr Stuart Rochester was very splendid for proof-reading my work always and very quickly.
I wish to testify that all the people I encountered during my studies at GST were very lovely, caring, supportive and very much concerned about my success in my studies.
May the Good Lord richly bless all of them.

Rev. Dr B Z Moses (2020)
Looking for a good reputable university to do doctoral work can be a difficult task

Fortunately, I found the perfect fit. Northwest University could not be more accommodating. There are so many good things to say about this university, but let me begin by saying that it has been a joy working through my Ph.D. program, largely because of the excellent service I received. The administration staff, Tienie Buys and Peg Evans made the journey all the more pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable. The program itself was exceptional and academically rigorous but both my academic advisors showed grace and patience throughout. Not having to relocate, especially living in Canada, and being able to maintain my work schedule was an added benefit. Finally, the program is financially affordable which made the entire process a lot less stressful. I have recommended NWU to others and I will continue to do so in the future. I am grateful to all the staff and faculty. May the Lord bless you richly.

Bill NymanPh.D. Dogmatics, 2019
Highly flexible studies and academic freedom

The faculty and staff of the Greenwich School of Theology were very supportive and always available for questions from the very first day to the last. The communication infrastructure was excellent, fast and responsive.

Also all promotors have been very supportive and their constant comments were invaluable. I have had total academic freedom to explore the subject as I wanted.

What I particularly appreciated was the great flexibility that was given for my doctoral studies. I have had the flexibility I needed to undertake research from wherever my work took me in Germany.

This allowed me to complete my PhD project successfully, alongside a fulltime ministry and family obligations.

Andreas HeimbichnerPhD, 2020
I am so pleased that I decided on my PhD research studies with GST

They have been thoughtful, caring, understanding of my situation, and efficient.

I could not have wished for better advice and support from my Promoters: Professor Joseph O’Hanlon and Rikus Fick. I am eternally thankful to them, as well as the efficiency shown and help given by Peg Evans, Tienie Buys and Karen Kirk. Over the years I feel that Peg has become a real friend that I can depend upon.

I would unreservedly recommend GST to anyone who wishes to complete a distance learning degree in theology and I would be happy to discuss matters with anyone thinking about starting such a course of study.

The Rev’d. Simon J. O. SpikinPhD (2021)
In a word, I am grateful!

Grateful for the privilege of successfully completing the doctoral dissertation through Greenwich School of Theology in conjunction with North-West University of South Africa.

While conducting research at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, a fellow researcher, Trond Skinstad, from Norway, introduced me to the idea of exploring Greenwich. Later, Kathleen Rochester (PhD Durham), a scholar from Tasmania, echoed his recommendation. Yet, the German scholar, Gabrielle Braun (PhD Greenwich/NWU), who had recently completed her work, urged me to take the step of faith, apply and see what God might do. She explained that she had taken deliberate steps of limiting her speaking, traveling, and teaching in order to complete the demanding work of research and writing.

I applied in January 2017. Peg Evans, promptly responded with the recommendation that I appeal to Stuart Rochester (PhD Durham) from Tasmania to serve as my supervisor/promoter. Though he was lecturing in India at the time, he wrote back and kindly agreed to accept me as a student. Within several weeks, I was accepted into the programme. Rather than requiring me to start on a completely new topic, Dr Rochester urged me to proceed with the work that I had been pursuing on New Exodus and develop a proposal. We had the privilege of finalising that proposal during a time where we were both at Tyndale House Cambridge. When a colleague asked me about my initial assessment of Dr. Rochester, I responded, “He walks softly but carries a sharp pencil”. In the most professional and constructive sense, Promoters, Dr Rochester and Dr Risimati Hobyane of South Africa, induced me to research and write in a manner that I had only dreamed of previously. While the world was in “lock down” with the Corona Virus, I was able to devote time and effort to completing the research, writing and re-writing of the chapters.

Behind the scenes, special thanks to Peg Evans, Tienie Buys, and Karen Kirk, three distinguished ladies I have yet to meet. They provided exceptional help in facilitating my registration and the timely submission of my dissertation.

I invite you to explore, apply and experience what I and many others from around the globe have found, Greenwich School of Theology is an institution where you can undertake research and writing in a context that respects the Triune God and the Holy Scriptures He has given.

Carl T. MartinPhD Theology with New Testament (2021)
An exciting and challenging experience

Studying with Greenwich School of Theology has been an exciting and challenging experience. The academics are of the highest standards and the work is both taxing and searching. Both academic promotors where vigorous in their direction and insightful in their critique. They were approachable and responded very quickly and concisely to the work as it was submitted. The whole process was efficiently aided through the administrative staff of Peg Evans, Tienie Buys and Karen Kirk. As a parish cleric in a busy local congregation being able to study without ever leaving home was an added bonus. I would recommend Greenwich School of Theology to anyone, their academics are rigorous and robust, their organisation is second to none and they occupy a unique place within the British academy by combining distance theological learning with the academic excellence of North West University, Potchefstroom.

Gareth StewartPhD Missiology, 2017
GST gave me the flexibility I needed

GST gave me the flexibility I needed to undertake research from wherever my work took me in the UK and overseas. I appreciated the assistance given by the NWU library staff who responded quickly to requests for assistance in finding resources and made me feel that I was part of the university. The academic promoters stretched me to achieve the high standards required, for which I am grateful. In the UK and SA offices, the administrative staff encouraged and supported me throughout the academic process.

The highlight for me was attending the 2016 doctoral graduation at the Potchefstroom campus and meeting my co-promoter for the first time. I enjoyed visiting the historic university campus and taking part in the graduation ceremony. The atmosphere was friendly, celebratory and yet the tone was humble as we were reminded to give thanks to God for what he had enabled us to do. Afterwards, we had opportunity to meet the university administration in a celebratory meal and the next day, GST students were hosted by the Theology Department both on campus and off campus. The time was especially poignant for me as I had done my first degree in South Africa over 30 years ago and so it felt like a homecoming. I even discovered that I had not forgotten how to speak Afrikaans!



Matthias Inniger, PhD, 2016Caroline Seed, PhD, 2016
I will strongly recommend the GST/NWU programmes to everyone

My first GST/NWU contacts were with Peg Evans of GST and Tienie Buys of NWU, who shared with me all necessary information about my PhD program in theology, and got me started with the formalities. Soon after, I was working with my promoters, who were first promoter, Professor Koos Vorster and Second promoter professor Riaan Rheeder. I had long wanted to work with my project, which pertained to investment ethics, as seen from a Christian-ethical perspective, using the existing investment guidelines of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund as basis for my research. From my research, my main findings was that investments always are value driven, and that investments may be performed within the traditional banking paradigm, but be guided by Christian-ethical principles and norms. From my research, I introduced a new investment methodology based on Christian ethics, which is termed as the Reoriented Investment Protocol, which will be foundational for his continued research here at NWU. No more than two and a half years after my starting the project, I was in Potchefstroom attending a fabulous graduation ceremony at NWU. I travelled there with my wife, and we were superbly taken care of by NWU/GST staff and faculty, for a full week! I will certainly look forward to my next visit, and in the meanwhile, I will strongly recommend the GST/NWU programmes to everyone that could find interest in attending. Thank you all at GST/NWU!






Morten Bosterud
My experience was highly positive

My experience was highly positive first and foremost because of the support and infrastructure within GST & NWU. They were always sympathetic and available to encourage, direct and inspire. The feedbacks from my professors were always egging me to successfully complete what I had started. The administrative staff were quick and responsive to my needs and these made a huge difference. The PhD was distance learning. I never met my professors or the administrative staff until the graduation day. This goes to show how efficient the communication infrastructure was. We were in contact via emails and phone calls to administration. It took me nearly 5 years to complete. I am a Pastor, I work full time in education, married with children and have other commitments in my community. I could have finished in 3 years if I had all the time in the world. In essence, I am saying that it is doable. The reward and the feeling you get at completion are unexplainable.

Leonard AmechiPhD 2014
I would heartily recommend GST

I did my PhD through GST and it took me about four years, although I had been working on the research area for a few years before that. I did it on a quasi-full time basis. This means that although I was working, my work allowed me to do much study. What I found most helpful was the support that I received from GST and North West University. GST is excellent in that they reply to emails very quickly, they guide you through every step of the way and they are always ready and willing to step in when you are in difficulty. I also found the North West library staff very helpful in helping me to trace and obtain obscure material. They too were only too willing to offer their services whenever I needed it. My supervisors were excellent too – quick to reply to emails, thorough in making corrections and suggestions, always learned and up-to-date in their area of specialisation.

From my experience, I would heartily recommend GST. They are authorised, well-known and established and genuinely interested in helping their students to improve and flourish.

David K


I received expert guidance

Throughout my Ph.D. research at GST, I received expert guidance, constructive criticism, and sincere encouragement from my advisors and the administra… Read more

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