My experience with GST/NWU has been very gratifying and rewarding. While the work required was demanding, my supervisors guided me through the entire process, not only providing me excellent academic assistance but also meaningful personal support and encouragement. The British system of supervised research is tailor-made to the needs of self-motivated pastors and interested others who wish to pursue higher academic credentials granted by an accredited university. I highly recommend the GST/NWU program.

The degree is actually granted by North-West University (South Africa). This university has 60,000 students on three campuses. Also they have an excellent library and many journals (many digitalized) that students can access for their research. This is important.

The demands were quite high but not overly so in my opinion. I originally submitted my doctoral thesis over one year ago and I was sent back to the “drawing board” to do another year’s work. My thesis ended up at 160,000 words, which of course is much longer than required but I wanted to write more than is required.

The people I worked with, both in England and South Africa were friendly and helpful. I recommend the program.


Rev Martin M DavisRector, All Nations Anglican ChurchJackson, MS (USA)