My experience was highly positive first and foremost because of the support and infrastructure within GST & NWU. They were always sympathetic and available to encourage, direct and inspire. The feedbacks from my professors were always egging me to successfully complete what I had started. The administrative staff were quick and responsive to my needs and these made a huge difference. The PhD was distance learning. I never met my professors or the administrative staff until the graduation day. This goes to show how efficient the communication infrastructure was. We were in contact via emails and phone calls to administration. It took me nearly 5 years to complete. I am a Pastor, I work full time in education, married with children and have other commitments in my community. I could have finished in 3 years if I had all the time in the world. In essence, I am saying that it is doable. The reward and the feeling you get at completion are unexplainable.

Leonard AmechiPhD 2014