During the studies, I got to know that it was a University of academic excellence and so no one could study there without working very hard to achieve his or her goals.

I had a very wonderful time with my promoters, they were both very co-operative and accommodating until the unfortunate happened and Dr Jacob Ayeebo had to pass on. Notwithstanding, Prof. Riaan Rheeder gave me all the necessary support and I completed my studies earlier than I thought previously, for any time I sent him my work he would finish going through it within two days and send it back to me with the necessary corrections to be made.

Administratively, it was great as Tienie Buys and Peg Evans guided me as to what to do and at what period of time. I remember on few occasions when my work delayed, I received mails from them asking me what the problem was so that they could help me out of it. Other staff also contributed so much to my studies in various form. In fact, Dr Stuart Rochester was very splendid for proof-reading my work always and very quickly.
I wish to testify that all the people I encountered during my studies at GST were very lovely, caring, supportive and very much concerned about my success in my studies.
May the Good Lord richly bless all of them.

Rev. Dr B Z Moses (2020)