Grateful for the privilege of successfully completing the doctoral dissertation through Greenwich School of Theology in conjunction with North-West University of South Africa.

While conducting research at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, a fellow researcher, Trond Skinstad, from Norway, introduced me to the idea of exploring Greenwich. Later, Kathleen Rochester (PhD Durham), a scholar from Tasmania, echoed his recommendation. Yet, the German scholar, Gabrielle Braun (PhD Greenwich/NWU), who had recently completed her work, urged me to take the step of faith, apply and see what God might do. She explained that she had taken deliberate steps of limiting her speaking, traveling, and teaching in order to complete the demanding work of research and writing.

I applied in January 2017. Peg Evans, promptly responded with the recommendation that I appeal to Stuart Rochester (PhD Durham) from Tasmania to serve as my supervisor/promoter. Though he was lecturing in India at the time, he wrote back and kindly agreed to accept me as a student. Within several weeks, I was accepted into the programme. Rather than requiring me to start on a completely new topic, Dr Rochester urged me to proceed with the work that I had been pursuing on New Exodus and develop a proposal. We had the privilege of finalising that proposal during a time where we were both at Tyndale House Cambridge. When a colleague asked me about my initial assessment of Dr. Rochester, I responded, “He walks softly but carries a sharp pencil”. In the most professional and constructive sense, Promoters, Dr Rochester and Dr Risimati Hobyane of South Africa, induced me to research and write in a manner that I had only dreamed of previously. While the world was in “lock down” with the Corona Virus, I was able to devote time and effort to completing the research, writing and re-writing of the chapters.

Behind the scenes, special thanks to Peg Evans, Tienie Buys, and Karen Kirk, three distinguished ladies I have yet to meet. They provided exceptional help in facilitating my registration and the timely submission of my dissertation.

I invite you to explore, apply and experience what I and many others from around the globe have found, Greenwich School of Theology is an institution where you can undertake research and writing in a context that respects the Triune God and the Holy Scriptures He has given.

Carl T. MartinPhD Theology with New Testament (2021)