My first GST/NWU contacts were with Peg Evans of GST and Tienie Buys of NWU, who shared with me all necessary information about my PhD program in theology, and got me started with the formalities. Soon after, I was working with my promoters, who were first promoter, Professor Koos Vorster and Second promoter professor Riaan Rheeder. I had long wanted to work with my project, which pertained to investment ethics, as seen from a Christian-ethical perspective, using the existing investment guidelines of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund as basis for my research. From my research, my main findings was that investments always are value driven, and that investments may be performed within the traditional banking paradigm, but be guided by Christian-ethical principles and norms. From my research, I introduced a new investment methodology based on Christian ethics, which is termed as the Reoriented Investment Protocol, which will be foundational for his continued research here at NWU. No more than two and a half years after my starting the project, I was in Potchefstroom attending a fabulous graduation ceremony at NWU. I travelled there with my wife, and we were superbly taken care of by NWU/GST staff and faculty, for a full week! I will certainly look forward to my next visit, and in the meanwhile, I will strongly recommend the GST/NWU programmes to everyone that could find interest in attending. Thank you all at GST/NWU!






Morten Bosterud