Throughout the three years of my full time research for my PhD I was faciliated in every way by both the Administrative Staff at GST(UK) and the North West University, South Africa. I received speedy and wise advice from my Promoters, Profs Rees and Du Plooy. Both men offered me scholarly guidance and patient help and nothing seemed to be a nuisance to them. They encouraged me and when my research was going off course they told me so! I came to respect and admire them, both as academics and Christian gentlemen.

The UK and South African Administrative Staff were excellent too. I never had to wait too long for advice. The whole experince of working with GST(UK) and the North West University proved to be enjoyable and profitable while, at the same time, very demanding. I can and will recommend the GST/NWU to anyone desirous of higher theological education.

Joseph FellPhD 2013