The road travelled for my doctoral program at NWU/GST has been arduous but never onerous. Like its subject, the sweet journey of research and composition has aided me in a measure of intimacy with God in relationship and beholding his glory. Of course, there are the many conversations, debates, and disputations with other seeking individuals and communities over time and present, in person, in books and other forms of media, which contributed to a rigorous process of the independent, dialectical, heuristic processes of learning. A special note of gratitude to those whom allowed me, at times, differing views from their own; although, often rigorously questioning my support for such conjectures and recommending helpful readings. Among them, thanks to Professor Dr. Lioy‘s for his rigor, reviews, related research, book recommendations, including his monographs, attention to detail, and especially alternative viewpoints on Lutheranism. Thanks to Professor Dr. Vorster for his extensive critiques, recommended research, and reading sources especially in the subject of imago Dei, his recommendations of Van Huyssteen Alone in the World? and Canlis‘s Calvin’s Ladder. Both promoters have been of great value to this doctoral work and to my personal growth and understanding especially in the areas of academic standards, dogmatics, and spiritual transformation. Although his involvement was brief, Professor Dr. Warner, too, has been of great value to this endeavour and me. His understanding heart provided comfort regarding critiques that can, at times, seem too punctilious and personal in nature.

Liaison Administrator, Dr. Peggy Evans‘ pleasant reception at GST, Central Office UK, has been a kind guide in the process of administrational necessities and standard UK English usage, thesis format, and expectations. I treasure her gentleness. Also thanks to Tienie Buys, a Liaison Administrator in the Faculty of Theology at North-West University, Potchefstroom, who joined the process a bit later, for her part in assuring an uninterrupted NWU connection. I extend my gratitude for the library services of the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. The access to extensive journal and academic resources was especially useful to my research, arguments, and composition. Such access, without the provisions of NWU, would have been prohibitively cumbersome and expensive. The incidents of my life, both trials and mercies, have taught me deeply and enriched me beyond measure. Whatever small light I may have been able to shine in this work is due to God‘s mercies, the people, and the incidents noted. Moreover, of exceeding note, it is God‘s mercy and grace that have nourished me, nurtured me, and made me capable for this task. Thank you North-West University, Potchefstroom and Greenwich School of Theology. I highly recommend your program to anyone seeking the highest education able to participate in the rigors of independent study in the spirit of a Cambridge approach.

The Rev. Darryl WooldridgePh.D.