GST gave me the flexibility I needed to undertake research from wherever my work took me in the UK and overseas. I appreciated the assistance given by the NWU library staff who responded quickly to requests for assistance in finding resources and made me feel that I was part of the university. The academic promoters stretched me to achieve the high standards required, for which I am grateful. In the UK and SA offices, the administrative staff encouraged and supported me throughout the academic process.

The highlight for me was attending the 2016 doctoral graduation at the Potchefstroom campus and meeting my co-promoter for the first time. I enjoyed visiting the historic university campus and taking part in the graduation ceremony. The atmosphere was friendly, celebratory and yet the tone was humble as we were reminded to give thanks to God for what he had enabled us to do. Afterwards, we had opportunity to meet the university administration in a celebratory meal and the next day, GST students were hosted by the Theology Department both on campus and off campus. The time was especially poignant for me as I had done my first degree in South Africa over 30 years ago and so it felt like a homecoming. I even discovered that I had not forgotten how to speak Afrikaans!



Matthias Inniger, PhD, 2016Caroline Seed, PhD, 2016