Gabriele Braun celebrates her PhD
Stuart & Kathleen Rochester, tutors with GST, stayed in Germany with Gabriele Braun, a recent doctoral graduate of GST and longterm acquintance of theirs. They first met in 1994 in Vancouver when Gabriele and Kathleen were doing ThM degrees at Regent College and they have met up again more recently at Tyndale House Cambridge UK, as well as on other occasions.

Their recent visit to Germany coincided with the news that on the 20th of October Gabriele’s doctorate would be conferred in absentia during the NWU graduation ceremony. They decided to celebrate this special occasion in Germany by going out for a nice meal together and recounting God’s faithfulness over the whole of the PhD journey, even through the difficult times!

Here on the photo you can see Kathleen on the left, Gabriele at centre and Stuart on the right, about to enjoy something delicious! The photo came with the following message: “We would like to share this photo of our celebration with you, who have all played such an important part in this journey!“


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